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Leverage Your Natural Energy Rhythms to Maximize Your Productivity and Achieve Your Goals!

Energy is one of the key forces of life, and each of us has our own unique energy that waxes and wanes over time. The Secret to Super Productivity shows you a new, dynamic way to set goals through planning around your natural energy fluctuations. In this book, you’ll learn three core skills that will help you to drive your productivity upwards, virtually effortlessly:

  • Know Yourself: identify your energy patterns
  • Mind Your ECs: discover what your energy consumers and energy creators are
  • Plan Accordingly: schedule your day around your natural energetic biorhythms

No matter what your goals, the Secret to Super Productivity will help you to accurately pinpoint your natural energetic rhythm, enabling you to plan your next move around the times when you are at your most vibrant, dynamic and enthusiastic.

Discover a new way to leverage the extraordinary power that lies within you and take charge of your life using your greatest asset: your energy!